Jimmy Kimmel Memorialized Krystal from “The Bachelor” By Celebrating The Weird Sounds She Made

Krystal may have be gone, but the noises she made will never be forgotten. A lot of digital ink has been spilled over the affect of her voice, which was just vocal breathing. Every “byeeeee”, “hyeiiiiiii”, and “mmhmmmmmmmm” was over extended in a baby voice. And while many are celebrating her removal from this season … Read more

The Internet Loved The Selfie Teen Who Was On His Phone When Justin Timberlake Was Dancing Next To Him

The most iconic shot of the Super Bowl was not on the field. It was in the stands. As Justin Timberlake ran into the stands during his halftime performance the camera caught a teenager glued to his phone was JT sang right next to him. The kid was on TV in front of 130 million … Read more

“Bachelor” Contestant Bekah M.’s Mother Reported Her Missing While She Was Taping The Show

A fan of “The Bachelor” was looking at a missing persons poster when they saw a familiar face: that of bachelorette and famous 22-year-old Bekah M. After her mother didn’t hear from her for six days, she reported Bekah missing. The truth was that Bekah was shooting for “The Bachelor” and didn’t tell her mother. … Read more

Woman Sees Beyonce in a Hallway, Freaks Out; Beyonce Does Not Crop Her Out of Photo

It’s a tale as old as time– woman sees Beyonce in a casual hotel hallway, woman freaks out, Beyonce’s photographer snaps a photo, Beyonce uploads the photo to Instagram and doesn’t crop the woman out of the photo. Beyonce shared this now legendary photo in a series of photos to Instagram with no caption, but … Read more

Good Husband Thomas Rhett Pranked His Wife With A Snapchat Filter

Thomas Rhett is once again showing the world what it means to be a good husband. You may think I’m referring to his parenting skills or the way he fawns on his bride. No, a good husband in this situation pranks his wife with Snapchat filters then shows the world what they caught on camera. … Read more

Everyone Thinks Kim Kardashian-West is Naming Her Daughter Louis Vuitton

Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West recently announced the arrival of their third child, a daughter, via surrogate. In announcement they shared, “Kanye and I are happy to announce the arrival of our healthy, beautiful baby girl, We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could … Read more

This Family Can’t Stop Laughing At Their New Professional Portraits, Because They Are The Worst Things Anyone Has Ever Seen

The other day, Pam and Dave Zaring took to Facebook to share their new family photos they had taken by a professional photographer. This is something every family in America has done at least once in their life, right? Right. Well, the Zaring’s photos weren’t like everyone’s else professional photos though. These were worse– much, … Read more

Kentucky School Principal Brings Out His Inner Mariah Carey To Announce A Snow Day

Just when you thought snow days couldn’t get any better, a hero comes along. A hero with the strength to carry on who looked and side and saw the truth: that we all needed a better snow day announcement. Union Pointe Principal Chad Caddell knew that school bulletins are boring and that most parents don’t … Read more

Shirtless Oklahoma Student Sent Crowd and Internet Into a Real Frenzy Over His Bod

We have all seen the half-court shooter at a college basketball game, the guy trying to win a truck or sofa if only he can sink a half-court shot. An Oklahoma student had the chance to win money for books or tuition (I don’t really know) on a shot and missed badly. Like, the ball … Read more

Charlie Daniels Wants Taco Bell to Take the Illuminati Seriously (Yes, This Is A Real Headline)

Charlie Daniels is a man of big ideas and strong opinions. Some of those big ideas just happen to be conspiracy theories. So when the “Devil Went Down To Georgia” singer saw the Illuminati-themed commercials Taco Bell aired during the National Championship he not only found them distasteful but, like the Taco Bell “ground beef”, … Read more