Maddie & Tae Cover The Judds and It’s Perfect

Country music has been missing a strong female duo presence since Wynonna Judd parted ways from her mother and The Judds in the early ’90s. The Wreckers had a brief moment in the spotlight a few years ago, but as good as they were it was more of a “project” for pop star Michelle Branch … Read more

8 Best Debut Albums from Country Music Artists

In today’s music industry, a debut album for an artist seems to be more about name recognition, radio play and sales more than anything else. For some artists, the equation works out and not only does the album produce sales and radio play, it sets up a musical legacy and a benchmark to always aim … Read more

10 Best Pick Up Lines from Women in Country Music

Country music is full of fun, flirty lyrics. More of than not we tend to focus on the guys who sing about shaking it in the moonlight when it comes to pick up lines, but women in country music have some pretty good lines of their own. 10 Best Pick Up Lines from Women in … Read more

9 Best Live Performances from Women in Country Music

There’s something about live performances of your favorite songs that just bring them to life. It’s no surprise that a tradition of strong female country singers has a tradition of strong live performances. We’ve scoured the Internet for the best and most emotional performances of some of the greatest female country artists. So sit back, … Read more

The Rare Jewels: Fantastic Female Duos in Country Music History

Eight Second Angel boots is proud to honor the roots of country music and the hard-working, independent women who played a part in making country music what it is today.  Though country music isn’t lacking when it comes to powerful female-female duets, country music, for the most part, has had very few female duos stick … Read more

7 Best Super Bowl Halftime Performances

While every football game has a halftime, only the Super Bowl has the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The performance is regarded one of the most-watched events in American television annually with over 100 million viewers in the United States alone– you may not remember who won or played in the game, but you’ll remember halftime. … Read more

5 Sad-Ass Country Music Songs

Sad-ass, though much like sad, is very different. Worse even. A lot of country music songs these days are about a party– having a good time, letting the night roll. Lyrics are carefree and fun. This is quite the evolution from country music years ago. Almost every song on the radio was about something sad– … Read more

Britney Spears Covered The Judds in 1992

Long before she wore a red catsuit in a music video or shaved her head on the street, Britney Jean Spears was just a girl on “Star Search” singing The Judds’ classic hit, “Love Can Build a Bridge” at the top of her lungs while wearing the largest bow in the world on her head. … Read more