8 Horses Running in the Kentucky Derby With Names That Could Be Hilariously Misconstrued

According to KentuckyDerby.com, the Kentucky Derby isn’t just a horse race, it’s also the greatest 2 minutes in sports. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with that statement, but I do think it’s a super interesting event and one of my favorite parts of the event is learning the horses’ names. They just keep getting … Read more

6 Unbelievable Items Texans (Including JJ Watt) Used Instead of Ice Scrapers After Winter Weather Hit

The average American sees ice on their car and grabs the ice scraper. A couple of swipes later, their windows are clear of ice. Texans lose their minds. These titans of ingenuity (everything’s bigger in Texas) never bought a scraper for $1.99 at a gas station. They never imagined cold weather would effect them. Instead, … Read more

Be Careful Not To Trip Over A Gator Snout While Ice Skating This Winter

Whether you like reptiles or not, you have to feel bad for them this winter. The recent winter storms are less than kind to cold-blooded. Most of us don’t think about what happens to snakes or alligators in the cold, but when you come across a toothy snout sticking out of the ice, it’s hard … Read more

Based on Country Music Stars’ Loyalty, Georgia Will Win the College Football National Championship

As the Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide prepare to meet in the College Football Playoffs finals for the national championship, we broke down who we think will win the only way we know how– country music stars and their loyalty. First off, these days, there are two states pumping out country music legends at … Read more

7 of the Weirdest/Coolest Restaurants in the South

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Hilarious Video Explains Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Fall Weddings

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16 Best Fan Bases in College Football

College football – the most popular amateur sport in the country-– has hundreds of fan bases; some small, others not so much (hence the reason some schools have stadiums that fit more than 100,000 screaming fans). Taking everything into account from stadium size, attendance, social media followings, and a number of other factors, here are … Read more

10 Best College Football Rivalries

The first preseason college football poll was released last week, a true first indication that the college football season is quickly approaching. In just four weeks, Saturdays will once again come alive with collegiate competition and time-honored rivalries that millions of fans cherish. In honor of the upcoming season, here are 10 of the best … Read more

11 Best Long Weekend Southern Retreats

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9 Coolest/Scariest Abandoned Places in the South

I love the South— its lakes, its river, its natural beauty, and even its abandoned buildings, churches, and forgotten plantations. There’s something fascinating about seeing these man-made places that nature has reclaimed. The glory days of these places are long since gone, leaving only overgrown ruins, but it’s that hint of glory that only adds … Read more