Everyone Told Norman Reedus Not To Do “The Walking Dead”

In 2010, zombies were not a big deal like they are today. Sure, we all knew zombies as a horror trope, but today I know people with actual zombie apocalypse tool kits, which is crazy. That’s like having a wooden stake and some garlic by your bed just in case a vampire shows up. A … Read more

Carrie Underwood’s Birthday Cake is Terrifying (and the Envy of Every ‘Walking Dead’ Fan)

Carrie Underwood is celebrating her 34th birthday with this super awesome “Walking Dead” cake. This awesome dessert was created by Carrie’s bestie (and Nashville baker) Ivey Childers, who owns Ivey Cakes. And it’s terrifying! View this post on Instagram She knows me so well…cake and new exercise toys! Imma shove my face into this later. … Read more

Carrie Underwood Likes a Glass of Red Wine and “The Walking Dead” Just Like the Rest of Us

Carrie Underwood may be the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year and absolute legend, but she really is just like the rest of us. Carrie recently told “Entertainment Tonight” that when she’s not on stage being a total badass she likes to indulge with some red wine and “The Walking Dead.” Carrie Underwood— legendary country … Read more

Eugene From ‘The Walking Dead’ Got His Start in Country Radio

Josh McDermitt is probably best known to the world for playing Eugene, the mullet-ed genius on “The Walking Dead.” Long before he convinced the show’s cast that he could save the world, Josh McDermitt made a name for himself in country music. And, ironically, it all started with another famous mullet. When Josh was 14 … Read more

10 Best Southern TV Characters

It’s no secret that our favorite television shows are the ones set in the South and these are by far the best Southern TV characters: 10. Flo If you watched TV in the late ’70s/early ’80s, chances are that you yelled the phrase, “Kiss my grits!” at least once or twice. (And maybe you still … Read more