Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” Gets a Premiere Date on FOX

Tim Allen Last Man Standing premiere date

After abruptly being cancelled by the ABC network last year, Tim Allen’s sitcom “Last Man Standing” received new life when the FOX network picked up the successful comedy. The show’s lead actor, Tim, revealed his excitement after hearing of the show’s extension into a seventh season.  “When I heard the offer to create more episodes … Read more

Tim Allen Hints That A “Home Improvement” Reboot May Be In The Works

Reboots are on the rise. Shows that have long sat in syndication are getting new life leading many fans to speculate about when their favorite 90’s TV sitcom will come back on the air. While any show could be brought back, one old-school favorite is gaining interest and may even be in the works: “Home … Read more

Tim Allen on “Last Man Standing” Cancellation– “There’s Nothing More Dangerous Than a Likeable Conservative”

Earlier this summer ABC abruptly canceled the Tim Allen led comedy, “Last Man Standing.” Allen had a lot to say about it then and he still has a lot to say. Allen’s reaction to the cancellation immediately sparked speculation that his personal politics played a part in the show ending. The issue became so heated … Read more

ABC President Says Tim Allen’s Politics “Had Nothing To Do” With The Cancellation Of “Last Man Standing”

ABC announced in May that they would not be renewing their family comedy “Last Man Standing” starring Tim Allen, a noted political conservative. Fans reacted by starting a petition on Change.org and loudly decrying what they saw as the network’s intolerance of conservative actors. During a Television Critics Association press tour appearance, ABC entertainment president … Read more

‘Last Man Standing’ Isn’t Going to CMT After All

CMT won’t be picking up Last Man Standing, Deadline reports. It was rumored the show, which was canceled by ABC earlier this year, would possibly find a home on the country outlet, which airs re-runs of the sitcom. According to Deadline, the show’s producers were in preliminary talks with the network, but the two couldn’t … Read more

6 Really Conservative Jokes from “Last Man Standing”

Did “Last Man Standing” really get canceled because it’s too conservative? Will there ever be an answer? 1. The One Comparing Hillary Clinton to Satan 2. The One About Being Politically Correct 3. The One About Hillary and Bill Clinton 4. The One About Different Beliefs 5. The One About Government Spending 6. The One … Read more

“Last Man Standing” Producers Are Seeking a New Home for the Sitcom

Last Man Standing may not be done after all. Variety reports that 20th Century Fox Television — which produces the show — is seeking a new home for the Tim Allen comedy. The move comes days after ABC’s decision to cancel the show which was in its sixth season. “That’s the one that’s really an … Read more