ACM Red Carpet Style

Country music’s hottest stars hit the red carpet at the ACM’s in Las Vegas last night and they did it in style! Blake Shelton. We aren’t sure additional words are needed when it comes to his look. He’s rocking jeans, a dark jacket and vest combo that looks mighty fine to us! Pretty sure Carrie … Read more

Have You Seen Tim McGraw’s New Video?

Tim McGraw released his latest video, “That Girl” to the tune of landscapes and kaleidoscopes. The video, directed by Sophie Muller, is a mix of bright colors, flashes of light and big-time visual effects. The video and song, the first single off of his new album, is different from McGraw’s tunes of the past and … Read more

The Five Best Movies Starring Country Music Stars

Many country music stars have taken a star turn in front of the Hollywood movie lens, and why not? If you looked like one of these country music stars, wouldn’t you take a shot at the big screen? Here are five of the best movies starring country music stars! The Blind Side Who can forget … Read more

Five Motivational Country Songs Whose Lyrics Will Inspire You

There’s something about country music that connects with the soul and takes the listener to a better place. Even if the tone is sad, the meaning behind the lyrics adds depth and intensity to the song. Especially composed for situations that most people go through at some point in their life, here is a quick look … Read more

Tim McGraw Debuts New Song

Tim McGraw joined in on the parade of celebrities Jimmy Fallon hosted on his first week as host of “The Tonight Show,” by premiering his new song, “Shotgun Rider.” Aside from performing, McGraw also joined in on a game of charades with Fallon and oscar-nominees Bradley Cooper and Emma Thompson. Tim McGraw – Shotgun Rider … Read more

Lyrical Breakdown: Tim McGraw is Looking for “That Girl”

Tim McGraw’s newest single “Lookin’ For That Girl” is a bit of a head-scratcher. Don’t hate it, just a bit perplexed by it. Upon listening to the lyrics, I can’t help but wonder why Tim is lookin’ for this particular girl and well… I have a lot of questions. Let’s break it down and maybe, … Read more