10 Old School Southern Rules to Abide By in the Present

There are rules upon rules in the South. Some spoken and some unspoken. It can be hard to keep up with all of them, and depending on where you live in the South (ahem, Mississippi), you might adhere to some rules more than others. Here’s a list of some old school Southern rules you may … Read more

7 Places to Not Wear Your Swimsuit

The sun is out, pools are open and the temperatures are rising– it’s officially swimsuit season. For some this is a welcomed and celebrated season, for others it’s daunting. And then there’s that group of people that have no boundaries, are totally carefree and will wear that swimsuit from Memorial Day to Halloween with pride. … Read more

Five Easy Tips to Help Spring Clean Your Closet

We’ve all done it. Stood in front of our closet that is packed full of clothes, shoes and accessories, yet finding nothing to wear. Now that spring is finally here it’s time for a fresh start! Everything seems so much more exciting when we transition from cold to warm weather. And a good spring cleaning … Read more