If You Wake Up Jessica Biel’s Son Late At Night, You Will Be Kicked Out Of Her House

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake live the big time “glam-glam” lifestyle of the rich and famous. Or so we thought. They have a two year old son and, as any parent knows, there is nothing less glamorous than a toddler. You hope that smudge is chocolate. There are crumbs literally everywhere. They are nearly impossible … Read more

9 Hilarious Reasons #MyKidCantEatThis

Toddlers are in a league all their own. And all parents know that getting one to eat can be a tough job, especially when dealing with “toddler logic.” But when the reasons behind refusing to eat something become ridiculous, they also become hilarious enough for their own Instagram hashtag. #MyKidCantEatThis: 1. No way this kid … Read more