Why Is There Slow-Mo Video Of Tom Brady Eating Chocolate?

Husband of supermodel and world-renowned football deflater Tom Brady has nearly 4 million likes on his Facebook page. Today, those poor folks were gifted a video of Tom Brady sitting in his kitchen eating Halloween candy. Brady was suspended for the first four games of the NFL season this year for allegedly deflating the footballs … Read more

Definitive List of Donald Trump’s “Friends”

Politics aside, one of the most interesting things about Donald Trump’s campaign for President of the United States is how he talks about other people. When asked about a rival’s plans or policies, he usually just says if he thinks someone is nice or mean. If Trump is ever asked to clarify a statement he … Read more

Jason Aldean Weighs in on #DeflateGate and Tom Brady

As Jason Aldean‘s Burnin’ It Down Tour met up with Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival Tour at Gillette Stadium outside of Boston, Aldean had something to say. And that something was, “Free Brady.” As in Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback at the center of the seemingly never-ending #DeflateGate scandal. Brady is currently suspended from … Read more