25 of the Greatest Movie Speeches of All-Time

A good speech can turn a mediocre movie into an inspirational masterpiece in only a few short lines. Whether it’s a coach inspiring his team before the game, soldiers before a big battle, students in a lecture, or as a rally cry against all that is evil — the speeches on this list below transcend … Read more

7 Best Oscar Speeches of All-Time

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Tom Hanks Shares His Best Piece of Marriage Advice

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who have been married nearly 29 years, have one of the sweetest, most enviable relationships in Hollywood. Well, thankfully for us, Tom recently shared his secret to a long, happy marriage with Entertainment Tonight. “When we first looked at each other there was definitely a kind of, ‘Hey, this is … Read more

11 Kids Who Look So Much Like Their Celebrity Parents, It’s Almost Creepy

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12 Cutest Wedding Moments of 2016

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Tom Hanks Says His Wife Watches “Forrest Gump” Because She Likes to Look at “That Fine Hanks Ass”

Although Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks has starred in countless blockbusters throughout his ultra-successful career, I think it’s safe to say that “Forrest Gump” is the most notable. Not only did the classic film offer up an incredible, unmatchable script and storyline, but it also introduced us to one of Tom’s most dynamic characters — Forrest … Read more

Tom Hanks Crashed This Lucky Couple’s Wedding Pics (and I’m So Jealous)

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Ellen and Tom Hanks Had a “Pixar-Off” (and It Fulfilled All of My Wildest Childhood Dreams)

As a ’90s baby, “Toy Story” was a vital part of my childhood. The first one came out when I was about three and was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. By the time the third installment came out, I was in high school, but my friends and I still went to the … Read more

Tom Hanks and James Corden Reenacting Some of Hanks’ Biggest Hits Will Leave You Feeling Happy and Super Nostalgic

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17 Most Enviable Movie Bromances

For the sake of this article, the term ‘bromance‘ will be defined as the deep, platonic love between two (or more) male characters in a movie. It is probably one of the healthiest additions to the gender landscape that have evolved in a long time. The ability for males, who are so comfortable in their … Read more

The Best and Worst Of Hollywood Southern Accents

Let’s set the ground rules shall we? You cannot be a native Southerner and make this list. The list is reserved for actors and actresses who worked with a dialect coach to achieve the twang. We’re assigning letter grades to the best and worst Southern accents in Hollywood, just for fun. Tom Hanks as Forrest … Read more