Martina McBride Sounds Off on Lack of Females on Country Music Streaming App

Martina McBride talks about country music radio

As the dialogue regarding the shortage of female artists on country radio rages on, Martina McBride discovered that terrestrial radio isn’t the only offender in the broadcast world. It appears that the incredibly talented Martina was listening to some classic Sara Evans through streaming service Spotify and decided to create a playlist. As Spotify users … Read more

This Tomato Basil Soup Is The Perfect Recipe For Those Summer Tomatoes

Tomato basil soup might be one of my absolute favorite soups. I can devour it by the bowl, even though I’m usually not a soup person. There’s just something about the perfect mixture of acidic tomatoes with cream or butter that I can’t resist. You’ll need a hand blender to really make this recipe convenient, … Read more

You’ll Be Eating This Tomato Caprese Toast All Summer Long

It can’t be denied that fresh tomatoes in the summer are just about the best thing since sliced bread. Sweet, savory, and just a bit twangy, these tomatoes pair well with just about anything. But one of our favorite ways to eat tomatoes is with a side of fresh mozzarella cheese. Yes, the standard caprese. … Read more