9 Celebrity Relationships You Totally Forgot About, But Used to Be Pretty Invested In

Celebrity relationships are like a zoo exhibit. You know you shouldn’t watch or pay attention, but you just can’t help it. And you really can’t help it when you realize some people really get around. 9 Celebrity Relationships You Totally Forgot About, But Used to Be Pretty Invested In: 1. J. Lo and P Diddy … Read more

Tony and Candice Romo Announce Pregnancy and You Have to See the Maternity Photoshoot

Newly retired Tony Romo is about to be as busy as ever, as he and his wife Candice are expecting their third child later this summer. The couple already have two boys, Rivers and Hawk. The Romos recently shared with People that baby number three is also a boy and Candice is excited, “Tony thought … Read more

Tony Romo is Living Every Athletic Dad’s Dream

We don’t get into sports much around here, but this is newsworthy. Tony Romo, a retired quarterback, was an NBA player for a day. This is the first time any retiring athlete has been honored by being invited to play another pro sport. It is a brilliant PR move for the flailing Mavericks and may … Read more

Tony Romo Announces Retirement, Reactions Abound

Quarterback Tony Romo announced his retirement from the NFL today to mixed reactions. Romo was a career Dallas Cowboy but only led the franchise to two playoff wins. Cowboys fans reacted to the news as they have always reacted to Romo– divided. Some loved him, as he was good QB, an unquestionably good guy, and … Read more

[Watch] Tony Romo’s Inspirational Talk to Jimmy Kimmel Before Hosting the Oscars

Hosting the Oscars is a big deal, especially this year when Hollywood is at war with Washington, D.C. What can you say? What can’t you say? To help Jimmy Kimmel get ready and feel at ease, E!’s Jason Kennedy arranged for Tony Romo to give Kimmel some advice. Unfortunately for Kimmel, it wasn’t all that … Read more