Paige Davis Kissed Doug Wilson During the “Trading Spaces” Premiere and It Was Really Weird

There were a number of things about the “Trading Spaces” reboot that seemed to be just as we left them 10 years ago– Hildi Santos-Tomas is still unhinged, Paige Davis is a bad version of Kelly Ripa and the homeowners are still really good at coming up with surprised faces to cover up sadness. Mostly, … Read more

Hildi Santos-Tomas Ruined Another Room During the Premiere of the “Trading Spaces” Reboot

The original run of “Trading Spaces” hit me right when I was old enough to know ugly from non-ugly and right when I was old enough to be moving out of my parents’ home and into my own space. Of course, I fell prey to a few design elements I had learned on “Trading Spaces”– … Read more

“Trading Spaces” Designer Genevieve Gorder Says She Got A Lot of Letters From Fans That Had a Foot Fetish

Unfortunately for designer Genevieve Gorder, who appeared on “Trading Spaces” originally and will star in the reboot, her biggest fans weren’t always fans interested in interior design. During a recent interview, Gorder (who is known for working without shoes on), shared that a number of her fans have quite a foot fetish. She said, “I … Read more

Paige Davis from “Trading Spaces” Threw Shade at Beloved/Adored/Revered Joanna Gaines and “Fixer Upper” (AGAIN)

A couple of months ago during the Television Critics Association press tour for “Trading Spaces,” Paige Davis got asked a really interesting question about where design has trended since “Trading Spaces” ended in 2008. (Note: TLC has been airing old episodes of “Trading Spaces” and I’ll say design trends have improved greatly.) Davis wasn’t shy … Read more

Clinton Kelly Will Appear as a Guest Designer on the “Trading Spaces” Reboot

Paige Davis and the rest of the “Trading Spaces” crew are heading back to TLC after a 10-year hiatus, and we can’t wait to see them back in action. Davis went on “The Chew” to discuss the reboot and to cook alongside the hosts, and she ended up sharing some pretty big news. “We have … Read more

“Trading Spaces” Designer Doug Wilson Will Continue to Push Boundaries in the Show’s Reboot: “Every Show Needs a Villain”

After a long hiatus off the air, “Trading Spaces” is coming back to TLC, and they’re bringing a lot of the original cast and crew with them. Host Paige Davis will be at the forefront while the old designers, Hildi and Doug, join in alongside her. If you watched “Trading Spaces” in its heyday, you probably remember … Read more

5 Designs from “Trading Spaces” That Were Absolutely Terrible

In the last few months since the “Trading Spaces” reboot was announced, I’ve realized that several people I know weren’t really old enough to have watched the show the first time it was on. Not only that, I don’t think I was old enough to realize how bad some of the design decisions were. Like– … Read more

“Trading Spaces” Host Paige Davis Couldn’t Care Less If People Hate Their Makeovers

TLC trading spaces

Paige Davis is coming back to TLC to host the reboot of “Trading Spaces,” and its promised to be exactly like the show we all know, love and remember. According to People, the show reboot will feature 8 original cast members and 5 all-new faces– but it will stick to the same old format you remember: … Read more

Paige Davis Wasn’t About to Let Someone Else Host the “Trading Spaces” Reboot

10 years ago, “Trading Spaces” was pretty much as popular as “Fixer Upper” is now. Granted, you can’t compare apples to oranges, but you get what I’m saying– the show was a hit. After a long hiatus, the show is coming back to TLC on April 7– and apparently, Paige Davis (the former and future … Read more

The New Trailer For “Trading Spaces” Will Have You Counting Down The Days To Its Premiere

The mother of all home remodel shows is coming back and its bigger than ever. While we are bidding other shows farewell, we cannot wait for “Trading Spaces” to return!! And now that it has a brand new trailer and an official premiere date, we are literally counting down the days. April 7 on TLC. … Read more

Paige Davis from “Trading Spaces” is Throwing Shade at Joanna Gaines and You Know That’s Not Going to Work

I will be the first to admit that I don’t understand the world’s obsession with Joanna and Chip Gaines. Not because they don’t seem like lovely, talented and interesting humans, but more likely because they’ve turned Waco, Texas into a tourist trap and I just can’t process that. However, I do like they seemingly stick … Read more

Paige Davis Will be Back to Host TLC’s “Trading Spaces”

Earlier this year, TLC announced it was bringing the original home-flipping design and decor challenge show, “Trading Spaces” back to TV. The show has been off the air for 10 years, so naturally fans have wondered what part of the original cast, if any, would return? Well, the wait is over– Paige Davis the original … Read more