This Wedding Guest Did the Unthinkable and Broke the Number One Wedding Etiquette Rule

A bride and groom’s wedding day is known as their “big day” for a reason. It is their day – their time to shine, and most wedding guests understand this. They know the biggest etiquette rule of the day: Don’t upstage the bride and groom! Unfortunately for one bride, one of her most important guests … Read more

Jenna Bush Hager Re-Created One of Her Family’s Favorite Photo Traditions and It’s The Best

Jenna Bush Hager is all about family traditions– even though she says her family doesn’t really have a ton. JBH was sharing milestone traditions with the rest of her “Today Show” crew when she remembered that she does have a tradition– a family dogpile picture. “We do a family dog pile, which is so weird. … Read more

Jason Aldean and His Dad Star in New Commercial Together and It’ll Make You Wanna Hug Your Dad (Or At Least Call Him)

Jason Aldean is always quick to mention his dad when discussing where his love of music comes from, but it seems like he got a lot more from dear ol’ dad than a huge career. His love for all things outdoors also started at home, or more specifically in a deer stand with his dad. … Read more

17 Memorable Christmas Traditions

Christmas is the most tradition-rich time of the year. There are a lot of great, classic traditions out there from making cookies to watching your favorite Christmas movie. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions that make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year? 17 Memorable Christmas Traditions: 1. Go Caroling. There’s something … Read more

Snoop Dogg’s ‘Hood’ Christmas Traditions Are a Bit Different Than Martha Stewart’s Traditions

As much as Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have in common, really– they don’t. Obviously. Sitting down to eat with Martha, Jason Derulo and Jamie Chung, Snoop explained his favorite hood Christmas tradition. It was something about screaming at his mama when the clock struck midnight. Things got really interesting when Snoop asked the group … Read more

5 Most Celebrated/Annoying College Football Chants

Football season is here, which means one thing– it’s time to turn up the TV when your favorite team is playing or time to mute the TV when your least favorite team is playing. College football is full of weird traditions and dual mascots, but no tradition is more celebrated than a good, old-fashioned chant. … Read more

7 Questions Parents Should Ask the Man Who Wants to Marry Their Daughter

In the South, we like to keep some traditions alive, even when the rest of the country tosses them out the window. Parents, and especially fathers, still fully expect for a man to ask his (or both parents) permission before proposing to his daughter, and most Southern guys are more than willing to undergo a … Read more

Southern Wedding Traditions: The Groom’s Cake

In the South, you know we love us some tradition. And one tradition we particularly love is the the groom’s cake. Few people know the groom’s cake actually originated in the South. Traditionally, the groom’s family would prepare small fruitcakes, package them nicely and give to guests as tokens of appreciation. We don’t know about … Read more