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Travis Tritt Goes on Epic Twitter Rant Over Beyonce’s CMA Awards Performance

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Justin Whisnant Gives Soulful Rendition of Travis Tritt’s “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)”

Covering a classic tune of any legendary country music artist has to be incredibly nerve-racking — but if “Voice” contestant Justin Whisnant was experiencing any bit of anxiety during his most recent Live Playoffs performance, no one would’ve ever know. Performing his rendition of Travis Tritt‘s “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares),” Justin absolutely … Read more

3 Travis Tritt ’90s Country Music Videos That Made Us Cry Repeatedly

The ’90s were an important time for country music videos. Although they were still a relatively new creation, videos allowed artists to tell the story of their music, much like a short movie, to entertain and attract fans. During this period, Travis Tritt created a character named Mac Singleton, whom he played in a three music videos over the course of seven years.

1. “Anymore”

“Anymore” was the first video in the series, filmed in 1991. In it we learn that Vietnam War veteran Singleton has been wounded and is now wheelchair bound. While recovering, he meets another vet named Al who helps him through his recovery. The conflict of the video is Singleton’s hesitancy to contact his wife, Annie, knowing he no longer has use of his legs.

2. “Tell Me I Was Dreaming”

The second video in the series was filmed in 1995 and begins where “Anymore” ends, with Mac and Annie going home. We see how Mac has built a life with Annie despite being confined to a wheelchair. He’s started a business with Al and Annie is pregnant. The video then skips forward in time, and Annie passes away from an unfortunate accident. This leaves Mac and Al to raise Mac’s daughter, whom he has named for her mother.

3. “If I Lost You”

This clip ends the series, taking place 5 years after “Tell Me I Was Dreaming” (but shot only three years later.) Since the events of the last video, Mac has been struggling with his disability and being a single father. Annie is 5 years old and independent, which is a struggle for Mac to handle. While the lyrics of the song are seemingly romantic, the message of those lyrics paired with the video’s content send the message that Mac couldn’t live without his daughter after losing his wife.

Image Source: YouTube