Paris Jackson Channels Drew Barrymore in New Role For “Scream: Resurrection” Miniseries

Paris Jackson stars as Becky in Scream Resurrection on VH1

We all know Paris Jackson can sing (Dad is the late pop superstar Michael Jackson) and can model her way down a catwalk, but did you also know the girl can act? She’s previously had a few small roles in low budget films, but now she’s really showing us her acting chops in the new … Read more

“Downton Abbey” Movie Trailer is Here and The King and Queen Are Coming for a Visit

Downton Abbey movie trailer welcomes the crawleys

We first got news in 2017 that a Downton Abbey movie was in the works. Now, two years later, the movie trailer is finally here and the Crawley’s return in true fashion. The words, “At Downton Abbey, they live like royalty. But are they ready for the real thing?” scrawl across the screen as the … Read more

Dierks Bentley To Executive Produce New Sitcom on FOX

Dierks Bentley executive producer sitcom nashviile bar

Dierks Bentley can add another hat to his already extensive collection. The country singer will be taking on the role as executive producer of a single-camera comedy on FOX. According to Variety, the yet to be named series is set in a Nashville bar, where singers and songwriters go to chase their dreams, or maybe just … Read more

Dolly Parton Teams With Netflix for New Series Based on Her Classic Songs

Dolly Parton Netflix series

Being a songwriter is similar to being a writer for television, they both tell stories. Dolly Parton, one of country’s most prolific songwriters, has announced that she will be teaming up with Netflix to create a series of television films to premiere on the streaming network. According to Dolly’s camp, each installment, set to be … Read more

The Cast Of “This Is Us” Answered Fan Questions And Hilariously Squeezed Justin Hartley/Kevin Out Of Every Answer (Because Teenage Kevin is the Worst)

One of the most compelling aspects of “This Is Us” is the way the cast has bonded. They often refer to one another as family, which only makes their bonds on-screen that much stronger. A few of the cast members gathered together to answer some fan questions during their lunch break and, in true sibling … Read more

Everyone Told Norman Reedus Not To Do “The Walking Dead”

In 2010, zombies were not a big deal like they are today. Sure, we all knew zombies as a horror trope, but today I know people with actual zombie apocalypse tool kits, which is crazy. That’s like having a wooden stake and some garlic by your bed just in case a vampire shows up. A … Read more

“Friends” Star Matt LeBlanc Quits Show Business

What does a star do after a hit? Many of them, especially if they are young) look for another hit. Matt LeBlanc was riding high after the the TV megahit “Friends” went off the air. He had a spinoff show about his character in the works called “Joey” and, like the rest of his co-stars, … Read more

Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon Will Co-Star In A Series About TV Morning Shows

The high stakes world of morning talk shows takes no prisoners. Hosts need to be a good conversationalist and have an energetic personality, but behind the scenes, they need to be ruthless because everyone is gunning for their job and they hold the entire show together. That’s a stressful, high-drama situation. These morning shows are … Read more

1 Simple Trick To Make Sure You Never See Spoilers Again

You were at work/one a date/hanging out with your Grandmom and couldn’t catch your favorite TV show when it aired. That didn’t bother you. You DVR’d the show and will watch it later. But then, you opened your phone and BAM! Spoilers everywhere! Friends, celebrities, even your mother revealed secrets you’ve longed to see answered. … Read more

The Odds Of Your Favorite Character Dying In Game Of Thrones Season 7 Are Pretty High

If “Game of Thrones” has done anything it has redefined fans’ expectations of when a character can and cannot die. George RR Martin has built a career on dashing the hopes of his fans, causing some to think he specifically targets fan favorites. There is no certainty that your favorite character will live past the … Read more

Luke From “Gilmore Girls” Is Starting His Own Coffee Brand

Scott Patterson has a lot in common with his “Gilmore Girls” character, Luke, a friendly diner owner with the honed ability to brew the perfect cup of coffee. He not only has a passion for quality coffee, but also will be serving coffee in diners across the nation- in a figurative sense. In 2016, fans … Read more

Life Imitated Art When “Parks And Recreation” Actor Adam Scott Cooked Calzones In Italy

Every “Parks And Recreation” fan knows that Ben Wyatt was an unparalleled innovator when it came to fast casual Italian dining. Sure, your grandfather may love pizza but the pizza of the future is calzones– a portable food that is its own container. That stunning culinary creation has been relegated to “Idiotville, over on Bad … Read more