Nikki Bella Responded to John Cena’s Profession of Love and Said “I Do Have Hope For Our Future”

Okay, at this point, I don’t know what’s real or not, but I think this whole John Cena-Nikki Bella thing is real. They are broken up, they do love each other and they don’t know what the future holds. So, to catch you up– John went on “Today” and professed his love for Nikki. She … Read more

Kacey Musgraves’ Unaired SNL Tune, “Song For the Angels” is Super Weird

Don’t quote me on this, but I would reckon that there’s a zero percent chance of Kacey Musgraves following in Tim McGraw’s footsteps and trying her hand out at acting in any major motion pictures. Despite that, I was kind of bummed she didn’t get a little more screentime during her recent “Saturday Night Live” … Read more

Chris Harrison Said This Season of “The Bachelorette” Features the Biggest Fight in the Show’s History

If Chris Harrison isn’t the most over-dramatic man to ever appear on television I don’t know who is. The guy constantly makes over-the-top claims about “The Bachelor/ette” and he’s not done yet. While doing press for ABC at the network’s upfront presentation, Harrison shared that they are officially done shooting Becca Kurfin’s season, “We are … Read more

Piers Morgan Rips Into Meghan Markle’s Sister For Blaming Troubles on “Media Vultures”

Piers Morgan Good Morning Britain Samantha Markle

A few days before Meghan Markle is set to marry Prince Harry, Piers Morgan, British journalist and winner of “Celebrity Apprentice,” sat down with Meghan’s estranged half-sister Samantha Markle for his show, “Good Morning Britain.”

Old Videos of Gabby Barrett Prove She Was Always Destined To Be a Star

Gabby Barrett is officially in the Top 3 on “American Idol” and if her last few performances are any indication of what’s to come, she’s got a really good shot at winning the whole thing. Gabby is an 18-year-old Pennsylvania native and one of eight children, who has always dreamed of becoming a singer. Before … Read more

Sterling K. Brown Said He Knows What Happens to Randall and How “This Is Us” Ends For Him

As “This Is Us” gears up for its third season, the stars of the show are being asked every question imaginable about any secrets they could possibly give away. Of course, they cannot tell anybody anything, unless it’s very vague. “Entertainment Tonight” caught up with Sterling K. Brown/Randall to discuss his season 2 ending where he … Read more

Spensha Baker’s “My Church” Performance on “The Voice” Felt Like Church

When Maren Morris’ “My Church” was the surprise hit of the summer a couple of years ago, it’s very likely that never even Maren knew how much reality TV singing competitions would love the song. She probably also didn’t realize that dozens of people would treat it like a religious tune, but that’s not the … Read more

Maddie Poppe’s “I Told You So” Propels Her Into “American Idol” Top 3

Maddie Poppe is like no other performer who has ever been on “American Idol” before– she can sing anything and is so musically talented, you know she could write and produce her way through the backend of the music industry too. Poppe’s powerhouse skills were on full display with the Carrie Underwood/Randy Travis hit, “I … Read more

Did Ryan Seacrest Know He Was On-Air When He Told Katy Perry Her Mom Was Pretty?

Over the years, Ryan Seacrest has gone from random “American Idol” host to world’s busiest and most successful TV personality. And as frustrating as it is, Seacrest is really pretty good at each of his 196 jobs. That’s why it was weird for Seacrest to not know “American Idol” was back after a commercial break, … Read more