Mila Kunis Reveals Ashton Kutcher’s Valentine’s Day Gift That Didn’t Go as Planned

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher Valentines day gift lovebirds

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to Valentine’s Day, even when you are a big time actor such as Ashton Kutcher. So when Kutcher’s wife Mila Kunis appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (Feb. 26) to talk about the gift she had received from her hubby on this past holiday, … Read more

Ditch The Flowers And Make A Bacon Rose Bouquet Instead

Sometimes Valentine’s Day creates a struggle of trying to avoid clichés, but still finding something romantic. We found the perfect combination – Bacon Roses. Ingredients: 1 package thick-cut bacon 2 tbsp. maple syrup 1/2 tsp. Black pepper 1 tbsp. brown sugar Rose Stems 1 dozen artificial roses (sold at crafts supply stores) Directions: Preheat oven … Read more

Valentine’s Day Mimosas Recipe

The annual day of love is quickly approaching and if you still don’t have a special surprise planned for that special person in your life…this may be your saving grace. Did someone say a boozy breakfast in bed? Simply deliver these adorable drinks and meal of your choosing and your significant other is sure to … Read more

DOs and DON’Ts: Valentine’s Day Date

Every year, there’s a lot of pressure on both the guys‘ and the girls‘ sides to make Valentine’s Day perfect. Since it’s the “day of love,” people (including myself) seem to think it needs to be incredibly romantic, super mushy and full of butterflies and fireworks. This means, every year, the overly anticipated Valentine’s Day … Read more

20 Manly Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy Your Man

Buying a gift (really, any gift) is hard, but buying a gift for him on Valentine’s Day is even harder. This is simply because men are bad at communicating what they really want. The gift guide below features a well-rounded roster of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas that, no matter his tastes, will suit him … Read more

16 Heart-Shaped Foods that will Get You in the Valentine’s Day Spirit

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. For me personally, there isn’t a whole lot about the holiday that I love. I mean, typically, my husband and I go out for dinner and I get some chocolate, but that’s about it. This year, though, I have found a new reason to love the season — heart-shaped … Read more

14 Days of Valentine’s Fun for You and Your Kids

Sometimes when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it can be hard to figure out a way to include the kids. Since Valentine’s is typically about love and relationships, we tend to make it only about our spouse or significant other — it’s not usually a family affair. But this year, I am challenging you (and myself) to … Read more

3 Valentine’s Day Desserts for the Non-Chocolate Lover

Not everyone craves a box of assorted chocolates for Valentine’s Day. I am one of those people who loves chocolate, but can definitely be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it floating around on February 14. So, if you are like me and would prefer to skip (or at least lessen) the chocolate frenzy on … Read more