Alton Brown Shared His Frustrations With Celebrity Chefs While Eating Super Hot Wings

Alton Brown is the mad scientist of celebrity chefs. He is also a media mogul and one of the more fascinating people you can interview. So when he sat down with “Hot Ones” a show that has celebrity eat super-hot wings while answering some really spicy questions, I knew we would get some great Alton … Read more

Ex-NFL Kicker’s Prom Joke Left Some Laughing And Others Angry

Jay Feeley, a former NFL Pro-Bowl kicker, sparked a conversation about gun safety and traditional roles when he posted a photo from his daughter’s prom. In the picture, Feeley stood in between his daughter and her date, her boyfriend of over a year, while holding a pistol. Some have said the joke was reckless, while … Read more

California Town Begs For Help After Being Overrun By Tumbleweeds

The small town of Victorville, California has declared a minor state of emergency after their town was overrun by tumbleweeds. And by overrun, I don’t mean a few extra tumbleweeds are rolling around– folks are having a hard time getting out of their houses because of the dead plants. And they can’t seem to get rid … Read more

Weatherman Loses His Mind When Co-Anchors Complain About The Weather

There is nothing worse than being questioned for just doing your job. Garry Frank, a weatherman out of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s FOX 17 WXMI, knew that far too well. He was constantly questioned for his weather reports no matter how good or bad the weather was. So when he forecasted a sunny 60-degree day, he hoped … Read more

Are”Funeral Potatoes” The Worst Thing On Walmart’s Website?

There’s nothing like eating a steamy pile of cheesy potatoes after a funeral. At least that’s what Walmart hopes you think when you come across one of their more unusual items called “Funeral Potatoes.” The side dish, also known as “Party Potatoes, Cheesy Potatoes, and Mormon Potatoes,” according to Walmart’s website, caused customers to wonder … Read more

The Kid Who Tried To Lick The Camera Is Our Favorite Person At the Olympics Right Now

Kids are the best. To them, the world is all bright and fresh and new, so they simply react to it. No one has told them what is “appropriate” so we they simply act as themselves. Take, for example, the kid who tried to lick the camera during the Winter Olympics. Most people would just … Read more

Nashvillian Catches The Spirit Of Music City On The Interstate Practicing His Recorder

Think about how much of your life is spent in your car. Getting from point A to point B takes a serious chunk of time out of your day. That time could be used to make phone calls, meditate, or practice your recorder skills so that you could write the next “My Heart Will Go … Read more

Sergio Dipp Isn’t The Sportscaster We Asked For But He’s The Sportscaster We Need Right Now

Hot take: we don’t need sportscasters. You can watch a game without anyone giving you the backstory of players and telling you what you are looking at. Is it nice? Yes. Does it add to the broadcast? When the sportscasters are good (Gus Johnson, MNF Football Crew). But when it comes to sideline reporting, you … Read more

Local News Reporter Loves That People Are Sharing Shots Of ‘Water’ With Each Other In Houston

The devastation left by Hurricane Harvey has brought out some of the best in Americans. It has proven our resolve and determination to care for those in need. But local news is gonna local news. A clip of victims being rescued in high water went viral after a reporter pointed out a sweet moment. She … Read more

Good Boy Otis Hit The Streets During Hurricane Harvey To Find His 5 Year-Old Owner

As hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc across the southern coast of Texas, Texans banded together to help one another. They jumped into the water to rescue children, friends, and strangers stranded by the rising waters. They opened their homes to those in need and cared for everyone who needed it. One dog, a good boy named … Read more