Meet The Hero Who Saved Multiple Lives In The Nashville Waffle House Shooting

Nashville native James Shaw Jr., 29, is being hailed as a hero after he wrested an AR-15 from an active shooter in a crowded Waffle House. The shooter killed four people before Shaw reached him and ran him out of the restaurant. Shaw likely saved dozens of lives, but he does not want to be … Read more

Waffle House Employee’s Kindness Goes Viral, Gets Scholarship

Evoni Williams was “just doing her job” when someone snapped her picture turning her into a viral sensation and making her dreams reality. Williams took time to during a busy morning to cut a disabled patron’s meal into bite-sized pieces. Her act of kindness was posted on Facebook, went viral, and now is allowing Williams to … Read more

Keith Urban Bestowed With Highest Waffle House Honor: Most-Played Song

Forget the GRAMMYs, the CMA Awards, and coming home to Nicole Kidman every night. Keith Urban‘s “Blue Ain’t Your Color” was the most played song on jukeboxes at Waffle Houses nationwide over the last 12 months. I don’t want to mess this up, so here’s the press release: In celebration of the 2017 National Jukebox … Read more

Sturgill Simpson and Stephen Colbert Spent an Evening at Waffle House in South Carolina and A Lot Happened

Like a lot of kids who grew up in the South, Stephen Colbert spent a lot of his late-nights in a booth at Waffle House. Colbert’s memories of his time at Waffle House are a little more coherent than most and seem to be a little more meaningful than most Waffle House memories. Colbert’s memories … Read more

Sturgill Simpson Pens New Tune About Waffle House Etiquette

Waffle House is a delicacy in the South. Less than a year ago, Jake Owen released a single referencing Waffle House and based the branding for the single on Waffle House’s logo. Waffle House loved it. Turns out, Stephen Colbert also loves Waffle House. So much so, he enlisted Sturgill Simpson to help him write … Read more