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Walker Hayes honors wife Laney in new song Don't let her

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Walker Hayes Is Going To Buy Every Copy Of His New Album, boom,’ When it Releases on Dec. 8

Walker Hayes may be considered a newcomer to country music, but this Alabama native has been following his dream since he moved to Nashville in 2005 with his wife Laney. He released his first single, “Pants” in 2010 along with his album, Reason To Rhyme before losing his record deal with Capitol Records.

Fast forward to today and Walker Hayes is reigniting the charts with his lead single, “You Broke Up With Me”—which has already racked up over 25 million streams—and is awaiting the release of, boom, his debut album on Monument Records.

With a name like boom, we had to ask why he chose that moniker for his new album. “That’s my favorite word,” Walker tells One Country‘s Kelly Sutton. “Every time something good—like if my song climbs a number on the chart I just text all my friends and Laney and say, “Hey, it’s No. 14, boom.” So we had to name it boom. The album is merely just journal entries put to music. There are ten tracks. That was the hardest part, narrowing it down. It’s just my favorite stories.”

With the new music set to be released on Dec. 8, Walker tells One Country that he never gave up on his dream, writing songs the pertain to his life.

“They are all very specific to my life. That seems to be what people are embracing and it’s awesome. It’s so freeing as an artist to get up on stage and sing about my life and be that vulnerable to a crowd,” Walker said. “Goodness gracious, if you’d have played me “You Broke Up with Me,” and said, ‘Hey, this is gonna blow up and you’re gonna put an album out with all this weird stuff on it.” I don’t know if I’d have believed you thirteen years ago.”

Dreams do come true. But you better hurry and get your copy of Walker’s new album, because the “You Broke Up With Me” singer, just might beat you to it, after he races through the stores.

“I envision myself, the day of, going to the store and thinking that this is what all the stores look like—that my album is in all of them. I guess I hope people will buy them—they won’t from there because I’ll buy them all. I’m going to hoard every copy at my local Target and Walmart.

With parting words, Walker shares his feelings one more time. “I love to write songs about how I feel, but I genuinely can’t express how I feel about everything that is going on,” he revealed. “It didn’t happen fast, but it’s happening at such a rapid pace now.

Here we go. boom hits stores on Friday, Dec. 8.

boom. tracklisting:
1. “Beautiful” (Walker Hayes)
2. “Shut Up Kenny” (Walker Hayes, Pete Good, AJ Babcock)
3. “You Broke Up With Me” (Walker Hayes, Thomas Archer, Kylie Sackley)
4. “Halloween” feat. Nicolle Galyon (Walker Hayes, Nicolle Galyon)
5. “Dollar Store” (Walker Hayes, Scott Stepakoff)
6. “Beer In The Fridge” (Walker Hayes, Shane McAnally, Matt Jenkins, Scot Sherrod)
7. “Beckett” (Walker Hayes, Shane McAnally)
8. “Mind Candy” (Walker Hayes, Thomas Archer)
9. “Prescriptions” (Walker Hayes, Matt McGinn)
10. “Craig” (Walker Hayes)

Main photo by Chris Wilcox/One Country

Exclusive: Why Walker Hayes Sometimes Wishes Kenny Chesney Wasn’t On The Radio

Songs have a funny way of reminding us of past memories. Some songs remind you of breakups, falling in love for the first time, or your senior year of high school. Kenny Chesney reminds Walker Hayes of his marriage. Chesney’s music has described Hayes’ relationship with his wife from day one. So when he and his wife are fighting, and they both want to be angry, the last thing they want to hear is Kenny on the radio.

“We were doing that thing where we were seeing who could be the most pissed,” Hayes told One Country’s Kelly Sutton with a chuckle. “I just turned on the radio– trying to be real flippant about it – and “Anything But Mine” was on the radio. That song reminds me of the year we moved to Nashville. I was having all of these memories of us listening to it in our apartment and I was like, ‘Shut up, Kenny.’ Then I changed the station out of frustration and the same song was on. It was a sign.”

One week later, Hayes wrote “Shut Up, Kenny” which is featured on his debut album.

Who knew Kenny Chesney was Hayes’ guardian angel? I guess Kenny is more powerful than we ever imagined.

boom is out now.

Walker Hayes Announces 13-City Headlining Tour For 2018

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