Brad Pitt Gives His Take on the Weather For John Krasinki’s “Some Good News” Show

Brad Pitt does weather report on John Krasinski Some Good news

As the world continues to remain quarantined due to the spread of the coronavirus, Hollywood stars have been looking for ways to kill some time. John Krasinki created his own you tube show called Some Good News, where he reports on all the good news going on, instead of the awful news we are inundated … Read more

Weatherman Loses His Mind When Co-Anchors Complain About The Weather

There is nothing worse than being questioned for just doing your job. Garry Frank, a weatherman out of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s FOX 17 WXMI, knew that far too well. He was constantly questioned for his weather reports no matter how good or bad the weather was. So when he forecasted a sunny 60-degree day, he hoped … Read more

SNL’s New Meteorologist Dawn Lazarus Has Us Literally LOL’ing

“Saturday Night Live” can be hit or miss. Shows vacillate between riotously funny and confusingly bland. But, that’s what happens when you write, produce, and rehearse a live show in one week. For my money, they hit more than they miss and this week was no different. Chris Pine hosted a silly, lighthearted show that … Read more

Watch Tom Hiddleston (Loki) Deliver The Weather

Tom Hiddleston, who portrays Hank Williams in the upcoming feature film “I Saw The Light,” stopped by a local Chicago news station to be the barer of bad news. Having played the brother of Thor in “Thor” and “The Avengers,” he had some interesting takes on the cause of the impending thunderstorms expected to hit … Read more

46 Alternate Definitions for Wacky Weather Terminology

In certain parts of the South and Midwest, weather is really big deal. It’s right to respect the weather, but some meteorological terms are just confusing. Here are some alternate explanations we find much more entertaining than the real definitions. Anabatic – No, it’s Anabaptist. Anvil Zits – See a dermatologist immediately. Absolute Humidity – … Read more