7 Terrible First Dance Songs for Your Own Country Wedding

Picking out a first dance song for your wedding is a tough decision. Hopefully, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life and the song will always remind you of that special day. If you pick the wrong song though– it will haunt you. And your family and friends definitely won’t forget it. Choose … Read more

(Worst) Wedding First Dance Songs

You have your groom. You have the date written in red on every calendar from here to California, but you just can’t figure out what your first dance song should be. This is a tough decision, but manageable. Pick something that’s sentimental and won’t make you feel uncomfortable in front of all of your guests. … Read more

First Dance Wedding Songs: Country Quirky Style

Whether it’s going to be choreographed, a waltz, or your own made up style, your first dance wedding song is something you’ll always remember. Traditional is great, but quirky is fun and usually unforgettable. If you want to get your guests laughing, scratching their heads, or wanting to join you on the dance floor, go … Read more