People Shared The Weird Things Their Families Do And, Yeah, We’re All A Little Strange

Every family has little idiosyncrasies that they think are completely normal. It usually takes the kids moving away from home to realize that keeping the tape in the fridge or taking a full-on bath every day is a bit odd. Twitter user Georgia Hardshark (real name, very great), asked her followers what was the oddest thing … Read more

10 Hilarious Taxidermy Fails We Can’t Believe Are Real

Death is a natural part of life – part of the circle of life, as they say. But what’s not so natural is trying to make something dead, look life-like. However, it appears that some taxidermists are better than others. These poor animals, for instance, were immortalized forever in some of the most hilarious ways. … Read more

20 Really Weird Things Kids Said They Want for Christmas This Year

Santa gets a lot of odd requests this time of year. For example, my six-year-old son wants a real lightsaber. No, not a toy one – a real one, a weapon powered by kyber crystals and forged in a (fictional) galaxy far, far away. That shouldn’t be too hard to get… Needless to say, Santa … Read more

Watching These Dogs Jump Rope on “Pickler and Ben” Made Me Feel Like a Slacker Dog Mom

As a dog mom, I’m pretty prideful of the fact that my dog can shake hands, give high fives, and roll over (kind of). But after watching these dogs on “Pickler & Ben,” I officially feel like the biggest slacker in dog mom history. This woman had two dogs, one who HELD THE ROPE with … Read more

Puffer Jackets For Dogs ‘Accustomed To Luxury’ Exist And They Cost $450

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about spoiling my dog, probably more than is actually socially acceptable. But the Italian brand, Moncler, made a puffer jacket for dogs that will “keep your pooch toasty (and trendy) this winter,” and it costs a whopping $450. Yes, you read that correctly. 450 VERY REAL dollars. Even more … Read more

McDonald’s Is Now Testing a Vegan Burger And I Bet You Know Exactly What They’re Calling It

I don’t know if this is good news or not, but McDonald’s is testing a vegan version of their hamburger, and it’s called– you guessed it– the “McVegan.” Creative, I know. The “McVegan” is apparently a soy-based veggie burger served with fresh tomato, lettuce, pickles, and a “special McFeast sauce.” This comes after a long … Read more

Martha Stewart Brings Her Own Hard-Boiled Eggs When She Goes On Airplanes

Oh, Martha. The celeb chef and homemaking guru shared in a recent interview with The New York Times that she brings some pretty weird things with her when she travels, including three iPads (yes, three), and her own hard-boiled eggs. “I try to avoid plane food most of the time,” she said. “If it’s a … Read more

Pizza Hut’s “Pizza Parka” Will Keep You As Warm As Your Pizza This Winter

I guess it’s actually true: Absolutely one can out-pizza The Hut. Pizza Hut took to Twitter to announce that they’ve made all-new pizza delivery bags that will help keep your pizza even warmer and fresher while it’s in transit to your house. While this might seem like great news for Hut Lovers in and of … Read more

Amazon Is Now Selling A Tiny Home Made From A Shipping Container

Amazon has come a long way over the years from being a place to shop for books online to being a place where you can buy your groceries, appliances, and apparently a tiny home, too. Growing up, my mom used to always say, “If Walmart doesn’t have it, you don’t need it.” That general rule … Read more

Forever 21 and Taco Bell Made A Clothing Line And It’s Just As Bad As It Sounds

It’s been a solid five years since I last bought something at Forever 21, which makes sense because five years ago, I was 20 and it was appropriate for me to shop there. Well, “appropriate” by my standards as a 20-year-old. I’ve walked into the store a couple of times in search of cheap clothes … Read more