Two-Headed Rattlesnake Found in Arkansas

It sounds unbelievable or possibly photoshopped, but this two-headed rattlesnake is real (and still alive). The venomous Timber Rattlesnake was found and captured Wednesday, September 6, in Northeast Arkansas. A man by the name of Mark Young posted a picture of the snake on his Facebook page Wednesday, explaining that the snake was caught by … Read more

Blake Shelton, Please Explain This Video Featuring Betty and Dave a Little More

Blake Shelton is a funny guy. He’s funny in the way that sometimes, his humor is unexplainable. That’s why we need more explanation on this video. Blake shared, “Good morning everybody.. Betty is the girl. Dave is the boy. Ok…… Betty is the DOG. Dave is the CAT!!!!!!” But, still… what? View this post on … Read more

11 Sets of Unlikely (But Adorable) Animal Twins

Finding two animals that look like twins (even if they aren’t related biologically) isn’t really all that hard. After all, black cats look like other black cats, and brown bunnies look like other brown bunnies, but Warren Photographic, a commercial pet and wildlife photography business, has found and photographed “twin” animals that aren’t from the … Read more

This TV Show Watched the OJ Simpson Parole Hearing with Kato Kaelin

As someone who’s always looking for a different angle, I get it– how does one report on OJ Simpson’s parole hearing and make it interesting? Well, if you’re “Entertainment Tonight,” you call up Kato Kaelin and watch the hearing with him. You also film it. Of course, Kaelin had opinions, but mostly he just thought … Read more

Steve Carrell And Kristen Wiig Answer The Weirdest, Most Searched Questions People Have About Them

We all know the internet is weird, but only because we are all so strange. People get whacky when they think no one is watching and search for really weird facts about their favorite celebrities, thinking no one will see their internet history. Too bad Google collects all of our search data and holds on … Read more