Wendy’s Announces It’s Favorite Movies Of The Year And They’re Not What You Would Think

It’s an interesting question: if your favorite fast food restaurant was a person, what would their favorite movie be? McDonald’s feels like they are really into the “Despicable Me” series. But Wendy’s? Take your best guesses, but know they will probably be wrong. They recently named their favorite movies of the year on Twitter and … Read more

Wingstop and Wendy’s Got Into An Epic Rap Battle on Twitter and It Was Peak 2017

Fast food restaurants have been having some beef lately and I don’t mean burgers. Some chains use their signs to wage war while others are using their social media accounts. And somehow, Wendy’s is always in the center of the conflict. Hm… This week, they got into an epic rap battle with Wingstop on Twitter … Read more

When Fast Food Restaurants Fight, We All Win

If there is one thing all burger joints have in common it’s beef. I mean that both literally and figuratively because there are times when simple capitalistic competition turns into real rivalry. Sometimes that animosity spills over to cause rifts between restaurants that have nothing in common. That’s exactly what happened recently in Lubbock, TX … Read more