What To Wear to a Winter Country Music Concert

Nothing transports you to a carefree summer day like a great country song… but the cold hard truth is that it’s January. Unfortunately, cutoffs just aren’t going to cut it. We’ve put together a cozy winter country concert outfit that’s just as fun. So, whether you’re headed to Luke Bryan’s big-time Kill the Lights show … Read more

What You Wore to a Miranda Lambert Concert

We do a lot of “What to Wear” articles around here and thought it would be fun to shake it up a little! We want to know what you actually wore! We chose Miranda Lambert first because, hello! Miranda! You guys wear some really awesome stuff and we thought the world should see! Check out … Read more

3 Ways to Wear Silver Boots This Holiday Season

Y’all know we love us some silver boots and with everyone from Miranda Lambert to the average Jill wearing them, we know you like them too! With holidays fast approaching, what better time to rock them! We say silver is a neutral and can be worn with pretty much anything which made it easy to come up … Read more