Will Ferrell Hits All Late Night Shows for Stand-Up Routine as “Anchorman” Character Ron Burgundy [Watch]

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy hit late night shows for stand up comedy

It was a late night like no other when Will Ferrell brought his famous broadcasting character Ron Burgundy out for a night of stand up across all  late night shows. [RELATED: Will Ferrell’s Original Idea For “Anchorman” Is Absolutely Insane And Needs To Be Made] The late night shows got together, promoting a “special guest” on … Read more

Will Ferrell Crashes Brad Paisley’s Set In California [Watch]

Brad Paisley and Will Ferrell

Brad Paisley had a surprise guest crash his set during a recent show in California over the weekend. While in Los Angeles as part of benefit concert Cancer for College on Saturday, which grants scholarships to cancer survivors around the country, Brad’s “brother” Will Ferrell stormed his set much to the crowd’s delight. “Last night, … Read more

Cord and Tish Are The No. 1 Reason to Watch the Royal Wedding

With the Royal Wedding festivities getting underway, American TV shows and journalists are heading to London to cover every aspect of the big day. Among those journalists are Cord (Will Ferrell) and Tish (Molly Shannon). If you weren’t interested in any of Royal family or what they’ll be doing this weekend, you should be because … Read more

Chris Stapleton And Will Ferrell Discuss Their Love Of Rosé And Merlot In The New SNL Promos

It’s happening: “Saturday Night Live” is bringing back Will Ferrell to host and Chris Stapleton is joining in as the musical guest. Ferrell is one of the best things to happen to SNL in the last twenty years. He can make that show funny by himself and Stapleton is one of the best live performers … Read more

SNL’s Leslie Jones Impersonated 7 of Will Ferrell’s Most Famous Characters and We Can’t Stop Laughing

When I was in middle school and junior high I used to tape “Saturday Night Live” every Saturday night and watch it immediately after church on Sunday. Sometimes, I would make it through the first couple of skits on Saturday, but even if I did, I re-watched the VHS several times before recording over it. … Read more

Will Ferrel Crashed The Australian Open To Ask Roger Federer The Questions That Matter

Tennis is one of the more refined professional sports. By that, I mean it can be stuffy and humorless. What can you expect from a sport that forces fans into silence during play? But during the Australian Open, professional tennis took a moment to laugh. Will Ferrell crashed an interview with Roger Federer after his … Read more

Never Forget The Time Garth Brooks Sold His Soul to The Devil in One of The Greatest Sketches of All-Time

I have been a huge fan of “Saturday Night Live” since I was a teenager. I just so happened to get really into the show around the time that Garth Brooks hosted the show alongside cast legend Will Ferrell. When the two teamed up for a bizarre sketch called “Devil Can’t Write No Love Song” … Read more

A Simple Game of Trivia Goes Off The Rails When Mark Wahlberg And Ellen Literally Start Talking S#*!

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are an unusual but effective comedic duo. Will has his sly wit and Mark is more of the blunt force Bostonian acting first and thinking second. To promote their sequel to the father-comedy (is that a genre?) “Daddy’s Home” the two showed up on “The Ellen Show” to play a … Read more

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Amy Poehler And Will Ferrell Courtesy Of The Internet

It’s amazing what you can learn on the internet. It is the door that you need only to knock upon to receive answers to the volumes of questions in your head. Ask, knock, seek, and you shall find things you never wanted to see. Thanks, internet! But sometimes we have questions to which there are … Read more

5 Best Patriotic Skits from “Saturday Night Live” That’ll Keep You Laughing Through the 4th

Saturday Night Live has a long-standing tradition of political humor. Every once in a while, however, they like to just go all out with their patriotism. Even if it means a 40-year-old man in the shortest shorts known to man. Here are some of their most patriotic, and bizarre skits. 5 Best Patriotic Skits from … Read more

Will Ferrell’s Original Idea For “Anchorman” Is Absolutely Insane And Needs To Be Made

I am a big fan of “Anchorman.” It was the first movie I saw twice in theaters. Not to sound too much like our President, but it was huge. You loved it. I loved it. Everyone loved it. But the movie we all saw in theaters was not the original idea, which included plane crashes, … Read more

Will Ferrell Isn’t Afraid To Answer Any Of Jimmy Fallon’s Questions

Do you know what birds are made of, or how big the Big Man really is? Will Ferrell does and he’s not afraid to talk about it, either. He can tell which rabbit is the best and who stole the eggs. He’s not afraid to tackle controversial topics like the names of the two firemen. … Read more