This Sparkling Rosé in a Can is Exactly What Your Fridge is Missing

Just like the rest of America, I’ve been kind of obsessed with Rosé lately. While I personally prefer sparkling Rosé, I’ll really take it in any form– I’m not picky. But one of my favorite canned wine brands, House Wine, has released a sparkling Rosé in a can, and it’s like a Christmas miracle. View … Read more

You Can Now Order Saturday Night Live-Themed Wine and Life Is Good

If you love wine and Saturday Night Live, then this is actually the most perfect news you’ll probably hear all day. Lot18, on online wine retailer, released four all-new wine blends inspired by our favorite SNL skits, like Debbie Downer South Eastern Australia Chardonnay and a 2016 Stefon Beaujolais. Every blend has a uniquely designed … Read more

Carly Pearce’s “Hide the Wine” Will Make You Want to Drink All The Wine

If Carrie Underwood and Kelsea Ballerini had a baby that created a song with Maren Morris, it’d probably be Carly Pearce‘s “Hide the Wine.” If it sounds familiar that’s because– first, it’s a story almost every single every human has been through. And it was written by Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey. Together, … Read more

The Frosé (Frozen Rosé) Recipe Your Next Girls Night Needs

My love for Rosé runs deep, so the fact that it’s becoming more and more popular makes my heart (and my tastebuds) very happy. Frosé takes the pink perfection of Rosé and combines it with the classic frozen style to make, in my humble opinion, a perfect drink. Grab your squad for a girls night … Read more

John Cena’s Best Advice For Making Relationships Grow And Last

John Cena is a well known wrestler and inspirational figure who encourages his fans to never give up, no matter the circumstance. If anything in life requires work it’s our relationships. Whether dating, engaged or married, we know that love doesn’t just happen. It takes effort, selflessness, and time. So why not hear out the … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Wants You to Join Her For Some Wine Tasting, So You Can Drunk Dial Your Exes

As Jennifer Lawrence currently graces the cover of Vogue this month and claims she’s never described herself as a “regular person,” she’s here to prove just how regular she is– by inviting other regular people to drink wine with her. “We’ll hang out, drink some wine, talk politics, drink wine, maybe call your ex – … Read more

It’s Time You Tried Calimocho, The Redneck Sangria From Spain

Calimocho, also known as the poor man’s sangria, is a Basque beverage, rooted in the Northeast of Spain along the French border. I might even call it redneck sangria. It is simple, cheap, and astonishingly refreshing. There’s no room for being uppity with Calimocho–no vintage wines or fancy herbal mixes. Go get a bottle of … Read more

How To Make Hollywood’s Most Stylish Cocktails (And One Hangover Fixer Elixir)

Cinema is full of cool cocktails like Ryan Gosling’s special Old Fashioned from “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, The Dude’s White Russian, James Bond’s martini, and Robert Duvall’s Mint Julep. At last, you can learn how to make them and enjoy them from the comfort of your home. If you are going to try them all at … Read more