Alex Trebek Returns to Work on “Jeopardy” New Season: ‘I’m on the Mend’

Alex Trebek back to work on Jeopardy updates fans on health

With fall comes a new season of the addictive game show Jeopardy. And luckily, this season features a much healthier Alex Trebek. [RELATED: Alex Trebek Shares Good News About Cancer Battle— “Tumors Have Shrunk By More Than 50 Percent”] “I’ve gone through a lot of chemotherapy and thankfully that is now over,” the Jeopardy host told … Read more

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15 Oldies Jams to Liven Up Your Workday (Playlist)

The only thing worse than the monotony of the daily grind is the monotony of a stale and overplayed playlist. We’ve all gambled on a Spotify playlist or a Pandora station that looks promising, only to feel regret, frustration, and disappointment three songs in. Ain’t nobody got time to keep searching for playlists all day. Feeling … Read more