Tyler Hubbard Gets Upstaged By a Five-Year-Old Doing Yoga

Tyler Hubbard doing yoga in the park

Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley wanted to spend a nice quiet day at the park, while doing a little yoga. Little did they know that they’d be upstaged by a five-year-old boy. In a private session, Tyler and Hayley started doing their poses when they spotted the little guy next to them. The boy’s … Read more

Goat Yoga Is a Thing and Lauren Alaina Is All About It

Yes, friends, you too can do yoga with goats. You read that correctly. Apparently the latest craze — at least in Nashville — is getting your yoga on while goats hang out in your general vicinity. I personally didn’t believe this was a real thing … until I saw photographic evidence. As they say, pictures … Read more