15-Song Crash Course in Southern Rock

From its roots in the post-hippie 1960s, through its ’70s heyday and up until today, Southern Rock may have faded in-and-out of fashion, but it’s never gone away. Why? For fans, it embodies the rebel spirit that mainstream rock-and-roll lost a long time ago. Here are the 15 songs that built Southern Rock. 15-Song Crash … Read more

Chris Stapleton, Kevin Bacon and Jimmy Fallon Put Their Own Spin On ZZ Top’s “Legs”

Chris Stapleton started a band with some famous friends. During his recent appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Chris was joined by the show’s host and fellow guest Kevin Bacon for a hilarious ZZ Top parody. The best part of this whole thing is seeing Jimmy “play” guitar while Chris is beside him … Read more

10 Greatest Southern Rock Bands of All-Time

Try and define the term Southern Rock. It’s not so easy, is it? Southern Rock is a genre with a rich history. Even at its best, it’s still moving forward, shifting, and ever-changing. So any list attempting to label the 10 Greatest Southern Rock Bands will always seem fickle and incomplete — as if the … Read more