5 Stops to Make in Jason Aldean’s “Fly Over States”


In his 2012  hit, “Fly Over States,” Jason Aldean serenades us with pictures of harvest moons, wide open spaces and the Wild West.

Driving home imagery of beautiful farms, hard-working people and the true feeling of freedom, here’s the list of places to see while traveling through the Fly Over States:

1. Oklahoma – The Blue Whale

In the song, the open plains of Oklahoma give way to a sunset beaming through your windshield as you cruise down Route 66. So, while you’re motoring down the longest stretch of the historic Mother Road blaring Jason Aldean with the windows down, don’t forget to stop off in Catoosa to see the famous Blue Whale.

This whale, 20 feet high and 80 feet long, was given as an anniversary present from a man to his wife. Sitting in a pond with a ginormous smile, it is a place of picnicking, sight-seeing and family fun. Visitors are encouraged to jump off the tail, slide down the fins or look out of a window at the top of the whale’s giant head. Who needs a fancy water park when you have a retro-authentic hunk of whale to play around on?

2. Indiana – Avon’s Haunted Bridge

From farms to the Ohio River, the natural beauty of Indiana is unbelievable. Not everything has such a charming history, however. The haunted bridge of Avon is said to be home of several ghosts who haunt the passage. Stories range from construction workers dying on site and being built into the bridge to young mothers crying for their lost babies. Rumors have been buzzing around the bridge since its opening, but one thing remains – no one can explain the tears found on the railroad tracks on a hot summer day or the cries heard at night.

3. Kansas – Keeper of the Plains

A full moon lighting up the sky is beautiful anywhere, but a harvest moon in Kansas is what captures the need to visit this fly over state. Some may argue, but others have agreed that Kansas is the geographical center of the United States; and who doesn’t want to say they have been in the heart of America, land of the free? And free is exactly how you will feel watching the ring of fire light up the Keeper of the Plains. This 44-foot sculpture surrounded by fire drums is a must-see when road tripping through Kansas.

4. South Dakota – Badlands

No trip through South Dakota would be complete without stopping off at the Badlands National Park. According to the National Park Service, the Badlands is one of the world’s richest fossil beds and covers up to 244,000 acres. The lands, once prowled by prehistoric creatures, are filled with prairie dogs and other creatures scurrying along waiting to catch a glimpse of you and your trip buddies.

5. Texas – Cadillac Ranch

Diving nose-first into the barren ground, Cadillac Ranch is filled with old cars (ranging from year 1949 to 1963) that visitors are encouraged to leave their mark upon. Located in a pasture in Amarillo, the 10 cars have more graffiti on them than a city tunnel. People travel from all over the world to see this bizarre Texas wonder, and if it’s not already…it better be on anyone’s map looking to travel through the Lone Star State. Bring a camera and leave your mark on this road trip classic!

Image Source: Wikimedia/Richie Diesterheft, CityPeek, Ben Turnover, BigStock, PR Photos