7 Ways Jake Owen’s “Real Life” is Definitely About My Teenage Years

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Jake Owen‘s new single, “Real Life” is a tune for every man (or woman). It’s an up-beat, feel-good track that sounds a bit like the mid-90s band. Like a Sugar Ray or Everclear. It’s nostalgic without being super deep, but isn’t totally silly. It’s totally relatable. When I listen to the song I feel like he is talking about my youth.

7 Ways Jake Owen’s “Real Life” is Definitely About My Teenage Years:

1. Well I grew up in a real town, where the prom queen had a plastic crown.

Me too! A small town in Arkansas, actually. The crowns were always made of plastic. Always.


2. And we really did just drive around, ‘cause there wasn’t sh!t to do.

One time, we put 13 people in a big SUV and drove around this one block downtown 17 times and honked until someone got mad. Other times, we would hit up the drive-thru at McDonald’s and mumble an order just to see what they would give us. Real life. 

3. But our neighbor had a pool.

Does above-ground count? What’s more real life than thinking you are going swimming and ending up in some friend of a friend’s above-ground pool?

4. We got real girls.

Beating hearts and everything!

5. Hit the Waffle House for some real food…

We had three Waffle House restaurants in my hometown. Two of them were across the street from each other, until one got shut down.

6. We find real love, get real hurt.

I broke up with my 7th grade boyfriend on Valentine’s Day because he brought a giant balloon to school for me. He is now a doctor or something. I’m still hurting.

7.  Pray to God, let’s make a deal…

Pretty bad theology, but I know what he’s saying.


The only way Jake could’ve tapped into my youth any more, would be for him to add a couple of lines about hanging out with the giant chicken in town.


Image Source: Sony