Chris Stapleton Covers “Free Bird” In Los Angeles

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You know how sometimes you love a song so much you wish it was longer? That’s how I feel about most of Chris Stapleton‘s songs. So, when he takes a classic song like “Free Bird,” which is one of those near-perfect songs most people would never mess with, and mixes it with his “Devil Named Music” and the outcome is 7 minutes of goodness, I get really happy.

During a show in Los Angeles, with Justin Timberlake in the audience, Stapleton performed the perfect mash-up of a classic rock song and his now signature country music. Surprisingly, one of the best parts of the song is when he asked the audience to join him– he is so good he can make a bunch of half-drunk singers sound like a church choir.

That’s all there is to say about that.

Image Source: YouTube