Do Not Call Jason Aldean “Bro”


During a tour stop in Pennsylvania, Jason Aldean sat down for an interview with During the interview he got pretty heated when it comes to his music and how you categorize it.

For the record, Aldean’s latest single, “Tonight Looks Good on You,” from his Old Boots, New Dirt album is currently in the Top 10 and climbing.

Despite his chart success, when asked about being put in the category of “bro country,” he didn’t hold back.

“It bothers me because I don’t feel like it’s a compliment. To me, it’s sort of a backhanded thing that comes from a very narrow-minded listener and I don’t know who came up with that ridiculous term… If you would take a minute and look at my catalog of songs over the years, there are songs that, I guess, fit whatever the hell that description of “bro country” is, but at the same time we’ve got songs like ‘Fly over States‘ and ‘The Truth’ and ‘Amarillo Sky.’ We’ve got songs that definitely have some meat on them and tell a great story. It’s not all about trucks and girls and beer and whatever else they think it is.”

Noted, Mr. Aldean. You are not a bro.

Image Source: CMA