Emily Ann Roberts Performs a Patsy Cline Classic on “The Voice”


Emily Ann Roberts is no Patsy Cline, but she doesn’t have to be in today’s country music auto-tuned, electronic drum beats world. The 17-year-old performed another stripped-down, classic country music song on the Top 10 episode of “The Voice,” and even Cline would likely approve of her version of “She’s Got You.”

Last week, Emily Ann performed The Judds’ classic, “Why Not Me” and Wynonna Judd loved it so much, she called her to give her some advice. After Emily’s performance this week, coach Blake Shelton offered up some major praise for the singer, “I can’t stop smiling right now. My heart is pounding. That was so good… I want people at home to know I have never had a better collaborator in nine seasons than Emily Ann… She is so smart and knows who she is as an artist. You have had incredible performances, but that was your best performance so far.”

Image Source: NBC/Tyler Golden