Kacey Musgraves’ “Five Finger Discount” is About The Girl Who Stole a Bunch of Her Stuff and Put the Items on Facebook

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During a recent show in Dallas, Kacey Musgraves wowed the crowd, which was full of her family and friends, with the story of the girl who “stole a bunch of bunch of shit” from her. The song, “Five Finger Discount” isn’t on either of Kacey’s albums, but it sure could be.

Before playing the first few lines of the song, Kacey told the story behind the song– a girl stole all kinds of stuff from her, including some underwear and shoes. She got caught because she put photos of all of Kacey’s stolen goods on Facebook.

The song starts out with the lyrics, “I know you stole my panties because I have the matching bra.”


“where’s that bitch now?” #DimeStoreCowgirl @spaceykacey at @majestictheatredallas

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Thanks to the Dallas Observer for sending over the video.

Image Source: Instagram/@nffcnnr