Lyrical Breakdown: Darius Rucker’s “Southern Style” from a Southern Girl

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As a born-and-raised Southerner, the first time I heard Darius Rucker‘s ode to the South and the South’s best export (a Southern girl), I was immediately taken by the lyrics.  Rucker really nailed the typical Southern girl, which he should’ve as a South Carolina native. But, just to make sure he is doing us all justice, I wanted to take a deeper look at the song.

Darius Rucker’s “Southern Style” from a Southern Girl:

Sun kissed hair and not much makeup

In the summer, yes. Otherwise…no. Southern girls wear pearls to football games. You think they’re going without makeup, too? 

High-heeled boots that lace up


Two first names that came from

Her grandmas on both sides

I can’t name all of my friends with two first names. 

She ain’t ever read much Faulkner

But she could’ve been his daughter

All Southerner’s claim William Faulkner as their favorite writer, but most of them are lying. However, this Southern girl is an avid Faulkner reader. “As I Lay Dying” is the book that made me want to become a writer. 

She grew up on Muddy Waters

Southern style

Sure, everyone listens to Muddy Waters in the South. I think. 


Southern style, free and easy

Southern style, warm and breezy

If you met her, man believe me

You’d want her to stay a while

Probably true, this particular girl Darius is singing about sounds like a treat! 

Says, she don’t believe in strangers

Only sinners with a savior

If I had a dollar…

Cause her mom and daddy raised her

Southern style

And she still calls him ‘daddy’ even though she’s grown. 

She’s a Friday night light lover

The actual football game, the show and totally obsessed with Connie Britton, yes. 

A Billy Graham fan like her mother

These days, probably leans more towards Beth Moore and Matt Chandler, but yeah. 

Wants her daddy and both brothers

To walk her down the aisle

Yep. And probably will have a first dance with her grandfather, too. 

She likes oysters raw for dinner

Depending on which state she actually grew up in though. 

Lil’ Wayne and Lynyrd Skynyrd

I have friends that don’t even know how to make playlists with both Lil’ Wayne and Lynyrd Skynyrd on a playlist. 

Keeps her tan lines in the winter

Southern style

Preach, Darius!

You can love her, you can hate her

But you’re never going to change her


If you want her then you’ll take her

Southern style

And that’s all she wrote. 

All-in-all, Rucker totally knows his Southern girls. Really well.

Image Source: UMG