Maddie & Tae: “Fly”

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In the entire history of Billboard‘s Country Singles Chart– Maddie & Tae are only the third female duo to make the chart. The duo left their respective homes to write and sing their own songs and so far, they’re doing just fine.

“In some ways, every day, we can’t believe how this is happening,” Maddie marvels. “Because we’re racing around, it’s just ‘What’s the next thing we need to do?’ Then someone stops us and says, ‘You’re #1…,’ and it’s almost not real.”

“Except it is,” Tae continues. “And people might think it’s easy… or it just happens. But we know this is crazy. We also know all the times someone told us not to get our hopes up, not to plan on it. But, you know, you’re nothing without a dream.”

Following up with a chart-topping debut is never easy, but the duo put pen to paper for “Fly” and are proving they are much, much more than just a “Girl In a Country Song.”

“’Fly’ is not about when the going’s easy and the path’s smooth,” explains Tae. “It’s when everything’s going wrong… when you’re sure it’s not going to happen… and somehow still take that step. For Maddie and I, that always seems to be the moment when – literally – we fly.”

“How you keep your faith when it’s hard makes the difference,” adds Maddie. “There will always be wrong turns, people who can’t see it… and when you keep going, even when you’re scared or sad, that’s when things seem to happen.”

Maddie & Tae will embark on Dierks Bentley’s Sounds of Summer Tour and recently jumped in a really cold lake with him for some tourmate bonding.

Image Source: BMLG