Miranda Lambert Found One of the Most Amazing Songwriters Ever (In Arkansas)

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Arkansas gets a bad rap. I can say that because I was born-and-raised here, moved away for a number of years, but returned well into my adult life because I missed it so much. Arkansas is a great place with more than its fair share of stereotypes and worn-out cliches about it, so it isn’t every day that a world-famous country music superstar decides to get in her truck and road trip to Little Rock. But, that’s just what Miranda Lambert did.

Miranda and a friend made their way to Little Rock from Nashville just to see John Moreland, a highly-respected, but not well-known singer-songwriter from Oklahoma. Moreland was playing a famed hole-in-the-wall White Water Tavern and Miranda just had to be there. She called the evening the, “best Monday night ever!” And helped boost Arkansas’ reputation.



And in case you were wondering, yes Miranda knows good music when she hears it.

Image Source: Instagram