Ronnie Dunn Releases New Video for “Ain’t No Trucks in Texas”

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Ronnie Dunn’s new single, “Ain’t No Trucks In Texas” is all about that post-relationship regret and the angst one carries around when dealing with it. The brand new video captures all of those feelings and more as we follow around a few people dealing with those relationship woes.

With lyrics like “There ain’t no trucks in Texas / Ain’t no football in the south / Ain’t no bourbon in Kentucky, I ain’t drinkin’ me some now / Ain’t no stars in California, Memphis never had the blues / Oh, there ain’t no trucks in Texas, and I ain’t missing you,” Dunn’s signature vocals command the urgency, disappointment –and sometimes irony – in matters of the heart.

“We really wanted to do something simple and poignant,” said Dunn in a press release about the concept. “Relationships are tough and it is not always easy to express your feelings. This song signifies how it is easier to let a relationship end than tell someone how you really feel.”

“It’s a song about male pride,” said director Peter Zavadil. “It’s not about trucks, whiskey or a variety of catchy clichés. It’s about a guy with a broken heart fighting to play it down.”

Image Source: Vevo