The Best Hair in Country Music


Without a doubt– I’m a hair person. I notice a person’s coif long before their teeth or sometimes, their personality. Typically, the biggest compliment a person can pay to me is just asking me a question about my hair.

It just so happens that some of Nashville’s biggest and brightest also have great heads of hair.

These are the artists with the best hair in country music: 

No Way She’s Ever Had a Bad Hair Day Award: Carrie Underwood

And there’s no way you could convince me otherwise.

Best Hair For a Country Music Superstar on TV: Connie Britton

I’ve been trying to award Connie Britton with a hair award since she played Tami Taylor in “Friday Night Lights.”

Hair That Looks Effortless: Blake Shelton

You know what? It probably isn’t– his hair is always the same perfect length. He has to have a standing appointment somewhere.


Best Braids: Willie Nelson

Truthfully, there wasn’t even a 2nd place option for this category. No contest.

Best Use of Hair Product: Chase Bryant

He told us once it doesn’t take him that long to do his, but no one looks that good without putting a little bit of time in.

Best Duo Hair (or Best Hair in a Country Song): Maddie & Tae

This was a close category, but Tae’s long locks pushed this duo to the top. I mean, that braid. Right?

Most Versatile Hair (Male): Dierks Bentley

Shaggy and curly or cropped tight, Dierks has a great head of hair.

Best Group Hair: Little Big Town

The only thing that blends together as well as LBT’s vocal harmonies is their hair! Two blondes, two brunettes and none all that much like the other! It’s the variety here that I love the most.

Best Use of Hair for Dramatic Effect: Kimberly Perry

Yes, all the Perry siblings have great heads of hair, but only Kimberly can do this.

Most Versatile Hair (FeMale): Kacey Musgraves

Kacey wants us to think she’s low-maintenance. And maybe she is, but no side-ponytail comes that easy.

Best Family of Hair: The Band Perry

You didn’t actually think I’d leave them out, did you?

Best Use of Facial Hair: Swon Brothers

Though I do love the Swons’ use of volume, it’s their perfect 5 o’clock shadows that really set them apart.

Image Source: PR Photos, CMA